We were everything-

by Heather

We did everything together from staying up all night with each other to doing each others make up , but one night it all changed She invited some guys over while my parents were gone and this guy that she liked didn't like her , he liked me , he tried to make a move on me and i tried to pull away but he took me back she saw the kiss , She took off and i tried to explain but she didn't believe me at all , I still cry every night from it .

can you guys plz comment this thanxx



Submission date : 2007-06-30

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Latest comments

Destiny at 2007-07-04

This is really sad, I am sorry! I really like this poem or quotes!

THIK CHIK at 2007-07-07

I kinda had somethin like this happen to me, recently. i had a best friend too. & she had a boyfriend that i was also friends with. well she went out of town with her family over xmas break. me & her boyfriend spent some time together & ended up havin sex. she came back & i guess she didnt have a clue. this went on for a few months. then we started sneakin around her back jus to spend time together cuz she didnt exactly like us bein alone together. after a while, i really started to like him. in fact, he lived with me for a few weeks. people started talkin about it at school & everything but i denied everything. i think she knew about it, but i really didnt care. after a while, i began to hate her; everything about her. i hated bein around her cuz everything she did pissed me off. i still hate her. now i know what can happen when you let a boy get inbetween a friendship. i cant even be around her without wanting to wrap my hands around her neck & squeeze as hard as i can. its sad..