by [[●DareYouToMove●]]

So many things have changed,
And our group is now torn apart.
Friendships have ended,
Over a change of heart.

My trust in you has now gone,
I thought we were friends till the end.
I guess u really find out,
Who your friends are in the end.

Secrets have been let out,
In the most terrible ways.
Friends back-stabbing,
Day after day.

You are the main culprit,
In splitting our group in two.
Hurting others and my feelings,
Also hurting you.

Why did you let out those secrets,
We told you to keep so much?
Why are you acting like it’s nothing,
Yet it means so much.

I feel so angry,
Yet so sad inside.
So disappointed in you,
You betrayed us, you lied.

I’m fed up with the lies,
And trust that can’t be mended.
This is our friendship,
It has ended.


Submission date : 2004-03-15
Last edit : 2006-06-24

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Rating : 4.2

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Latest comments

Kahlia ( F ) at 2004-03-16

haha thanx!! :D

Rose ( F C D ) at 2004-03-21

Great poem Kahlia, Luv, Rose

kayla benoit at 2004-03-22

I think it is really good! and u should keep writing more cuz your a good writer!

Kahlia ( F ) at 2004-03-23

thank u all!!

Samantha ( F ) at 2005-01-18

that is really good! it reminds me of my friend that just did the same!