by Unstated affinity

Everytime i go through that corridor
i still remember our steps, that have left after the rain
everytime i stand besides the road,everytime i sit on that chair
i remember what we have done

even though only words are shared
laugh and tears that have been shed
many times and too many memories we have curved on our time

everytime i open that book
i remember everything
you,him,them,have filled my days in this place
accompony,protect,play,teach,share love and stufffs,
cry,laugh,and life
everything landed on my mind

don't be afraid that you will be forgoten
don't be scared that my memory of you will be broken
i promise that it won't happen

even though our footsteps have been cleared
even though the road is no more
even though our chair have been moved
even though that book have been roten

my feeling towards you won't change
although the time has lapsed
through the wind,through the rain
i will always be,the way we were... the way we used to be

thanx friend,you have brought me fly to your world
to see any gorgeous moment
to know this world,meaning of life..
to feel the love,and spend abit happines with you
i love you.. till we meet later...
in heaven...


Submission date : 2006-02-10
Last edit : 2006-02-15

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Rating : 4.6

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Latest comments

shobhana kumar ( F C D ) at 2006-03-13

Nicely woven words ending on a very sad note - it clearly shows that you write from the heart!

good luck and take care

Sole ( F P C D ) at 2006-04-17

Excellent poem - I thought it was really great, I often sit in a certain place and reminisce on the good times I had there in the past - and it really brought that feeling to life for me. Thankyou.

Peace. [Sole]