Long time friend,

by Wendy

A friend for a long time
but somewhere we crossed a thin line
hard times came and went by
but now all i can do is sigh

we are talking now once again
and I'm hoping we are still friends
i know we still have a long way to go
but i am willing to take it slow

talk on the computer about old times
and sit here and write our memories in rhymes
she has a husband and two kids
my love for them i never hid

so we will just take this thing slow
and then maybe someday who knows
good friends once again
but we don't know if or even when

for tina
friends for life
no matter what


Submission date : 2005-09-02
Last edit : 2005-09-05

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Rating : 4.4

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Latest comments

Ashley at 2005-09-04


Katrina Boblin ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-13

I like how you write poems about friends and real life things. good job ocne again.

GRD at 2005-09-18

Not all of this rhymes properly. Each rhyming line is supposed to have the same amount of syllables, give or take one. Plural words do not rhyme with non-plural ones, HAT and CAT rhyme but HATS and CAT does not, you might want to polish this piece a little.

Amanda Radtke ( F ) at 2005-10-01

Great poem. its really good.