Just Why

by Alicia

You helped me through so much.
You were my closest friend.
You knew how to make me smile.
Your shoulder you knew when to lend.

My feelings for you weren't large.
Just a hopeful dream.
Once which you crushed.
Without a second thought, it seems

My heart was already fragile.
You've pushed me just to far.
My spirit is tired and broken.
You reopened all my scars.

You've taken back your friendship.
You've shown me who you are.
Apparently I meant nothing.
I can't see you... you're so far.

I still wanted your friendship.
I didn't care about my feelings
But that's not enough.
You still took your leaving.

I feel used by you.
Betrayed by you.
Hurt by you.
Just tell me why?


Submission date : 2012-02-05

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